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On the off chance that each room in my home had its own particular little story to tell, the main restroom remodel is one of the longest I’ve at any point told (those of you who have subscribed the longest need no update, however just on the off chance that you need a glance back at the turns and turns, you can look at them here and here and here). Be that as it may, as with any great story, there are likewise some genuinely fulfilling snapshots of help and fervor — like at last having the capacity to uncover my main lavatory shower!

main washroom white and green shower makeoverSave

I adore my new shower so much I may dump my sweetheart and flee with it.

main washroom shower redesign white metro tile green shower curtainSave

Taking a gander at these photos, I feel a mind boggling measure of weight lifted from my shoulders. Where you may see a shower, I see each of its components, as well: space arranging, amplifying light and stature, tile, shower head, grout lines, caulk, crown, roof paint, et cetera. I additionally still find in my mind what it used to resemble (scroll additionally down the post for that!). Redesigning is a distressing and grimy employment now and again, and since I did/am doing both the plan and the work for the entire room, I’ve needed to overcome many difficulties. In time, I even began calling it my “misfortune washroom” — the room that simply would not like to get made.

tiling main washroom tub encompass with long white tram tileSave


Regardless of the amount I attempted to drive myself to complete the room some time recently, I just couldn’t appear to find that wow factor to truly drive this remodel forward. That all changed not long ago after an outing to Chicago with Delta Faucet. I’ll concede that I was somewhat suspicious at first that I’d have the capacity to get immediate motivation for my lavatory, however as it turned out, there is no mixing up the uncanny likeness of my new shower tile’s carefully assembled surface to the wonderful undulated impact of Chicago’s waterfront:

Chicago horizon waterline

See any likenesses?

Also, the way the light bobs off of the sensitive tile helps me to remember a portion of the completely exquisite (and meticulously many-sided) tile work I found in some of Chicago’s noteworthy structures:

tile and glass trim in marbleSave

Chicago Cultural Center

In the wake of coming back from the excursion, I had another arrangement at the top of the priority list for what was genuinely lost from my main restroom. The shower expected to go.

main lavatory shower – beforeSave

It took half a month to evacuate, prepare, and introduce, yet the end, I think it was 100% worth the exertion.

new shower side of the ace bathSave

uneven tile surface shows development and heaps of lightSave

Contrasted with ordinary tram tile, the edges and the surface has a more natural look to it that reflects light every which way at whatever point the window is open. I truly wish these photos could do equity to how glittery the tile looks when the light hits perfectly.

white reflection along high quality white tileSave

I lit a light toward the side of the tub just to give myself an approach to picture a candlelit shower in here. I can hardly wait!

closeups white shower makeover in ace bathroomSave

I was truly cheerful to be approached to band together with Delta Faucet for this venture. Not exclusively did they help with the financial backing to influence the shower to tile a reality, yet they likewise provided me with another chrome shower head from their Zura™ restroom accumulation.


I think the complexity between the flowy, water-like impact of the shower tile and the super clean lines of the shower head make a pleasant matching for a whole look that is crisp however not cool (now and again “present day” styles can look truly extreme, yet this combo diminishes it).

zura shower gathering shower head side viewSave

One of alternate things I’m especially pleased with is the new crown forming added to the extremely best of the shower tile. At to begin with, I didn’t know how I would defeat the articulated edge of the tile and tile trim versus the divider, however I discovered my answer by flipping baseboard shaping topsy turvy to add to the divider and putting the crown to finish everything (I’ll have a different instructional exercise for this). It influences the trim to look considerably more great and keeps away from cumbersome cuts when the embellishment achieves the tile. I adore it!

shower tile and crown moldingSave

Subsequent to taking the new white tile as far as possible up to the roof, despite everything I needed to ensure that there was sufficient shading in the space to keep things intriguing (yet general unbiased and making a feeling of quiet). Green isn’t typically my go-to shading, however I saw this open air leaf print texture a couple of months back and have been kicking the bucket to utilize it in a venture. The shower drapery is a total DIY, so I’ll need to demonstrate to you how I did that as well.

new DIY shower window ornament palm print fabricSave

At long last, a little workmanship from one of my most loved painters (source list beneath), and this lavatory is at long last beginning to look the way it was dependably intended to be — and a long ways from where it was the point at which I initially looked at it (this is the posting photograph from when I initially purchased the house!).

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